"Wi Fi Access In Bronglaise Hospital."

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(as the patient),

I was in Bronglaise, Aberystwyth (West Wales) Hospital recently. Tentatively hoping there would be a wi-fi signal I took in my Tablet computer. However, I quickly found out that there was not any wi-fi which was accessible to a patient.

So all there was to do was look around at all the other poor people in the ward, the coming and going of visitors, nurses doing the nursing and the demented yelling.

There was no telly in the ward, not even the rip off pay ones. Actually, I wouldn't even mind paying a reasonable amount for wi-fi.......but you can bet your bottom dollar that any charges would NOT be reasonable!

So, I was bored out of my mind!

Being in hospital can be an isolating experience, particularly in the modern world when most people are used to be constantly connected to their networks. Now that the restrictions on use of mobile phones in hospitals have been lifted, and many hospitals have closed wi-fi networks for staff use, many of the arguments against hospital wi-fi no longer apply.

Availability of wi-fi in hospitals would allow people to stay connected during their stay, and aid their recovery by maintaining their spirits. It would allow "virtual visiting" by those who cannot otherwise get to see the patient, ensure that people for who hospitalisation is an interruption to a busy schedule can keep up with their work, and perhaps allow greater degrees of contact between busy medical staff and patients. It will be of particular benefit to students whose study is interrupted by hospitalisation.

After all, this is 2012 so what do you think about it? Particularly if one have been in hospital lately and wanted to fire up your 3G or whatever.

The use of the above can easily be done quietly and without disturbing any other patients but would need to come with the proviso to have respect for others in the use of laptops/Tablets etc.

As I expect to be back in Bronglaise before too long I wish to declare my vested interest in this request!

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