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"The worst experience we have ever had in a..."

About: St Thomas' Hospital (London)

What I liked

It took more than 4 hours to be seen by a doctor. My spouse was in a gown and had a drip. No stand was provided for the drip. Getting to a toilet without my assistance was therefore not possible but nurses didn't care and didn't offer to help. The only toilet available in the A&E ward was covered in faeces and urine (and used by paramedics). Sick spouse's feet therefore covered in the same. I then had to clean feet of sick spouse. Nurse ordered me to take samples from my sick spouse. Said samples (and following 3-4 lots) were all lost and therefore never examined. Following admission to the hospital ward, water was not provided to my spouse regularly or when requested (despite clear evidence of severe dehydration), paracetamol (prescribed) was only intermittently provided (and when requested, only 6 hours after first requested or not all) and drip wasn't switched on. Bathroom was covered in someone else's hair - Clearly had not been cleaned properly. Disgusting hospital. Horrible and undignified treatment. Worst hospital experience of our lives. And this is the NHS? Where can I opt out please? Pathetic.

What could be improved

Everything: (a) fewer surly nurses and more who actually do their actual jobs instead off-loading to lay people/carers; (b) switching on the drip; (c) providing paracetamol and water (as prescribed); (d) Clean your hospital.

Anything else?

Seriously poor and degrading treatment. Fortunate for sick spouse that angry and aggressive healthy wife saw fit to bring home and provide water and paracetamol. Time in hospital meant sick spouse's condition worsened. Pathetic. Disgusting and dirty hospital. Clearly not patient-oriented service, but pursues check-lists and ratings.

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