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"Nurses Great, Policy and management rubbish."

About: King George Hospital

What I liked

The nursing staff are great. However don’t pull the bell at handover time in the morning as you will not be seen for some time. God help you if you have a cardiac!

What could be improved

• Great situation to be in when a Registrar from King Georges Hospital says “We have no Cardiothoracic Facilities and cannot offer any help in the matter, so we are discharging you to your home. Looking at your situation, you will be going into London Chest Hospital in a few weeks’ time anyway”. He asked me to stand up and said ”Your fine” as ...I stand holding onto him on my wobbling legs “ you should have no problems getting around”? “Anyway your heart valve isn’t all that bad”? Some excuse to free up a bed because nobody it the hospital has the knowledge to be able to fix my problems.

Anything else?

I know King Georges is bad news through experience. The pain kicks off quite regularly now, giving a level 10 pain (measured from 1 to 10 in intensity) and all the doctors offered me was 2 x 500mg Paracetamol tablets. Wow real impressive. Talk about lack of sleep and pain that makes one’s eyes water, at least at home I can drop a bottle of malt and pass out. Great when you wake up a little numb in the head but with little pain! But it shouldn’t be like that!

• On Call Doctors that are called at midnight for prescription of pain killers that don’t turn up until after handover in the morning and one is left having to stumble arround the floor of the ward in agony unable to sleep or sit down.

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