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About: William Harvey Hospital (Ashford)

What could be improved

. my partner was taken into A&E by ambulance. the ambulance men had to stand there for at least 5 mins - no member of staff approached at all - we were totally ignored! the ambulance man approached the sister eventually who directed then to a boy. in the bay the trolley was not made up - the ambulance men had to do it themselves! we then sat in the bay for at 45 mins before a nurse approached. she said a Dr would come at some point. the dr arrived and took some tests. On no occasions were we told what was happening, where we may get some water or approached by any member of staff for reassurance or even so much as a smile. Whilst we were waiting a elderly man was wheeled past to xray. this poor man had no dignity at all - he was only wearing a pyjama jacket which was open and everything else completely exposed for all the ward to see - its was completely outrageous!

At no time in our 4 visit did the sister of the ward come past at all . how long does it take for the nurse to explain what the procedure is , let you what's happening , direct to the water. All patients and relatives are in shock when they arrive at A & E a bit of common curiosity and communication and respecting peoples dignity does not cost anything.

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