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"It was so terrible I lost my respect for the..."

What could be improved

The attitude of the receptionist was terribly impolite.

The nurse was always in a rush to finish up with me, hardly paid attention to the whole thing i had to explain about my health issue.

Anything else?

I had seen blood in my urine after a 3 days of fever.

I called the walk-in centre and was told that they take the final patient till 9pm.

I managed to get there at 8.30.

The receptionist was too impolite to be working for NHS.

I told them i had seen blood in my urine after three days of fever, they just reminded me of the waiting time which was 2 hours and asked me to take a seat.

After 2 long hours, arounf 10.35 the nurse called me in before 3 other patients,

and asked me what my issue was:

I started with.." I had minor flu since a month....." they told me " what is the problem today because we are closing now"

I said i had seen blood in my urine. They asked me why didnt i bring any urine sample.??? I said I didnt know i had to bring sample of my urine from my home and even if i did know, what should i use to store and bring it in?

They told me I had 2 hours waiting time to do so., but I didnt know, the receptionist should have told me about it, they just asked me to take a seat, and was too busy stepping outside their cabin to have cigarettes instead.

And the nurse said that the walk in centre was closing soon, so they couldnt take my urine sample for test instead asked me to go to accident and emergency in northwick park hospital.

I didnt argue, just walked out, but I have totally lost my respect for the NHS Walk-in centres.

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