"Maternity ultrasound department"

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I am currently 34 weeks pregnant and suffer from a uterus malformation. I have been to a private scan for growth on Tuesday the 6th of november and the sonographer from the private clinic informed me i have too much amniotic liquid and to contact the hospital or midwife the next morning. It scared me to death and couldn't sleep all night.

The next morning i called the hospital explaining the situation and they said will call me back. In all the honesty i wasn't thinking i will see someone in the same day due to the short notice and the amount of people walking there everyday. I received a call in about 1 hour to tell me i am booked for a scan at 3.30pm. The lady told me on the phone is nothing to worry about but they will check it to make sure.

Thank you City Hospital for seeing me same day??

Once arrived at the hospital i meet the best sonographer ever.

She explained me step by step what she is doing and she assured me is all fine. The private sonographer just measured the mpd from another prospective which was wrong anyway, even the baby measurements were wrong.

She answered to all the questions with kindless.

I couldn't thank her enough yesterday and I really hope this review will be seen by her.

Thank you for being so nice and helpfull and having all that pacience to explain me everything!

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