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"Please let me know what is going on."

About: Countess Of Chester Hospital

What I liked

There are some fantastic nurses in the ward I stayed in, although there are more who should re-consider their career to be honest.

Good patient camaraderie on the ward.

What could be improved

- No information about the operation I was having. I have ended up with a uteric stent, which is painful and has severely impacted my ability to work and enjoy life. Only after the operation and consulted the internet, and paid for a private consultation have I found out more information about my condition.

- I was bleeding a lot after the operation, and no-one seemed to know if it was to be expected. I was scared about what was going on.

- Hospital lighting stayed on too late, one evening until nearly 2 in the morning.

- Night shift chattering, compared by most of the patients on the ward to be akin to a clutch of clucking chickens.

- Too many levels of care staff, i.e. nurses who couldn't bring a glass of water, not their job etc. It took an hour and a half to get water, despite my conidtion requiring constant hydration.

- The food was either poor quality un-healthy processed food with chips, or bland featureless goo like chicken supreme or chicken portuguese. Hospitals should promote healthy eating, and this is not the way to do it, and no, it doesn't have to be expensive.

- Car parking charges are too expensive, especially for my parents


Anything else?

This was my first experience of hospital, and it was a bit of an eye opener to be honest. After the private consultation questioned the outpatient treatment scheduled for me, I am now on a long waiting list for a different treatment at a another hospital, a little wiser, and hoping that next time I receive more information about what is going on.

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