"Endoscopy unit"

About: King's Mill Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

Lovely friendly reception staff, gave name address and date of birth and told to take a seat , was then taken to another room where a nurse asked questions about your medical history, yet again really kind and friendly, changed into a gown/and dressing gown, you can bring your own dressing gown with you if you wish. You are then weighed and you take a seat in a small waiting area which is male /female waiting area.

You are then taken into scope room to have your procedure , i was having a colonoscopy ,you are then asked to get onto a trolley.

The endoscopist was friendly and kind and thoroughly explained what would happen when having the procedure from start to finish.

The nurse couldnt find a vein to put the canula in for my sedation , two attempts were made putting a canula into a vein but no luck , another nurse was called but she also had no luck in finding a suitable vein to put a canula in to administrate the sedative

after about 15/20 mins of trying the endoscopist then gave me the choice of either going home and coming back at a later date , or having the procedure without a sedative.,

Before going into the scope room i was quiet calm a little apprehensive but not to frightened . But by this time i was getting reallly really anxious i was cold shaking and frightened ,

i wanted the sedative but my only choice was to have the colonoscopy without sedation, or come back at a later date.

.so because a suitable vein couldnt be found i had to have the procedure without sedation .

the Endoscopist couldnt get all the way around because it was to uncomfortable but got to where they needed to be .

,My sugestion would be that a canula should be put in to your arm before you go into the treatment room, as they do at the QMC HOSPITAL i attended with my mum and i know it was done that way . .

then if their is a problem with finding a vein the right person can be called upon ie a person who is more specialised at inserting a canula .

if a canula was to be inserted before going in the treatment room this ensures valuable time is not taken up in the Endoscopy treatment room trying to insert canulas, and less stress is put on the patient ,

for me not to have the sedation i was upset that my choice was taken away .

. But the Endoscopy unit and all the staff are fantastic you are well looked after , and treat with respect and dignity at all times

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