"Hair Loss - Who Cares?"

About: Liverpool PCT

(as the patient),


I am 26 year old man and have long brown curly hair, it is my a defining feature. I was seen by "Doctor C" who seemed completely apathetic. I spoken to as if were some desperate hypochondriac. He took all but a glance at my hair line "...Just a bit of male patten baldness" as if it were the common cold.

Dr. C, "26 isn't is bad age to lose your hair." Mid twenties, losing your hair, that's premature balding.

Dr. C looked at me strangely and arbitrarily mentioned,

"You don't some kind of disease."

I expressed how especially important my long hair is to me and Dr. C replied ,

"Bill Bailey, he's balding and has long hair" a comic unfortunately known for his awful hair.

The sadly my experience NHS attitude is there are two options to deal with hair loss, (and I make no attempt to exaggerate) which are the following.

1# The macho, go bald like a real man approach.

2# Seek help and chase rainbows in a naive search for a miracle cure.

Despite requests to see specialist for more information of any form and the heavily implied call for further investigation and dare an actual diagnosis. I felt I was fobbed off. All I got after lengthy and awkward conversation was for him to pull out book homeopathy, which was 20 years out of date. To say the least I was not impressed.

Where's the sense in this? And where does the Hippocratic Oath come into this? This the second of such incidents with NHS GP's. I am running out of options. I want to know the facts. All the facts.I know there many options out there, well researched options. If doctors won't help the public we are left to fend for ourselves or worse fall victim to con-artists.

All I want is to prevent, manage and improve the state of my hair. Thank you reading this post.

On a related subject:

I am largely pro-NHS and respect this institution, although I completely reject its claims that hair loss is a cosmetic issue. As if hair were for all but mere vanity. The human body is built for more than just survival it has as does the hair your head. Why treat psoriasis or eczema if they are not treating hair loss. Hair loss does cause immense psychological damage and also causes physical damage.

I think this claim is cost cutting measure putting money and not people at the heart of the NHS.

P.S. I would welcome contact from and an official NHS representative regarding any issues stated in this letter.

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