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About: Royal Preston Hospital

What I liked

the ward was fairly modern and the staff seemed caring

What could be improved

telling the patient and relatives the truth would be a good start.

the discharge procedure on the ward my husband was in was non existant.

told at 11.15am that he was being discharged but needed medication. I arrived at 12.50 and told medication was on its way from pharmacy. 3.00 asked sister to release husband own medication which was locked in bedside cabinet. 3.30 she came to release his own meds and said the new meds still on way from pharmacy. said we could have 1 tablet for that eve and to collect rest next day. rang next day (that took over and hour) told no meds there for him, somebody would ring back. 3/4 hour later sister rang to say meds not ordered but would ring pharmacy and ring me back. at 13.00 left for the hospital as husband should now be on 2nd dose of meds. went to ward tobe told no meds at pharmacy, not ordered and couldn't be ordered till following day and they could give me 2 tab. (as to late to get 3 in) for that day and come back tomorrow for rest. Dont think so, after words was given the full course from the ward stock. we could have been on the ward for another 24 hours before being discharged because nobody bothered to order meds. no wonder there are no beds available in wards when folk are sat waiting all day for there medication.

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