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"In future I would avoid. No training or equipment..."

About: Western Eye Hospital

What I liked

the book i thankfully remembered to take with me during the 4 hour wait

What could be improved

reception staff having some knowledge about eye emergencies

Anything else?

I went to the accident and emergency eye clinic after splashing acid in my eye. I had washed it for 10 minutes before going, but was sent by a nurse who told me to make sure that they tested the ph immediately or else run it under water while I was waiting. I was told to wait by the 1st receptionist, despite asking for the ph test. 1 hour later I was called by another reception person who similarly told me to wait and would not give a ph test. After 3 hours I was seen by a nurse who told me she could not do the ph test. After 4 hours I was seen by a doctor who told me that I should have had a ph test immediately. They told the nurse, but too late for my eye!

Oh yes, and after being told that I would have to wait for the ph test I had asked each and every receptionist and nurse where I could wash my eye out some more (none of them even asked me if or how long I had washed it out for before getting to the hospital!). The only sinks were those little hand basins in the toilets. I couldnt fit my head underneath the taps. They could offer nothing else - only the 4 hour wait while the acid continued to burn my retina! This is a supposedly a specialised eye accident unit!

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