"Waited a whole Year for my appointment"

So like I said I've waited a whole year for an appointment to see a psych. I understand that, the NHS is overburdened.

I got my first appointment letter through that said I had an appointment in July. Two weeks before the appointment I had a letter to say that I'd cancelled the appointment, even though I hadn't, and that the appointment was rescheduled for October with a different Dr.

So I just had that appointment the other day. Spent an hour talking about my mental health, told him I no longer wanted antidepressants since I'd already been on a lot of different types for a long time, and that I didn't think it was just depression.

At the end of the appointment he prescribed me some pills which I later found out were antidepressants, but he had never once mentioned that they were. He also told me to contact the same charity that had referred me to greenfields the year before and had told me that I needed more help than they could provide.

Left feeling like I could have just gone to a GP since that was all he had done. Completely wasted a year of my life trying to get help that nobody is willing to give me.

Story from nhs.uk