"Mixed messages from chronic fatigue clinic"

About: Royal Derby Hospital

(as the patient),

Was referred to the chronic fatigue clinic at Royal Derby Hospital.

The referral was very quick, which was good. But that is the only thing that was good.

The clinic say on the hospital's website, they do a home service, but they don't when you ask them. I asked them for a home service during a relapse, and they basically told me that I had to drag myself out of my sick bed, despite feeling crap. No help at all during my worst flare up.

When I did managed to see the specialist at the hospital, he was 15 minutes late, but he did apologise for this. The specialist seemed nice personally, but didn't offer me any treatment or medication for my fatigue issues, he told me that maybe going back to studying or work would be the best option for my recovery. I wish it is that simple!

I am slightly disappointed, because it took me a lot of effort to get to the clinic yet I received no help to recovery whatsoever - he just referred me back to my other specialists. The clinic was a bit unsympathetic giving me an appointment at 4pm, which if they know, people with chronic fatigue issues get very drowsy in the afternoons. The specialist did not receive my letter or medical questionnaires that I sent him through the post, yet the receptionist on the phone, told me that they had received my letter. The receptionist told me on one day I could have medication, if it was needed, yet the next day, she told me that it is unlikely that you could have medication for chronic fatigue.

The chronic fatigue clinic at Royal Derby Hospital seemed a little sloppy if I am being honest - I felt it was a waste of my time.

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