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"Staffing at Pine Cottage"

About: Colman Hospital

Having been carried away by moaning about the state of the pavements and the main ramp immediately adjacent to the main entrance I forgot about the staff.

In short wonderful, caring, nothing was too much trouble to them.

From the Doctor, all nursing staff, through to the student nurses and physiotherapists.

The ambience of the unit was really relaxing even after having an emergency visit to the NNUH to have ones leg cut off, not having much experience of being an inpatient in hospital as the last one was in 1968, I noticed the difference.

I can't speak too highly of the staff, they were great and, had in the main, a good sense of humour necessary to put up with us.

I was equally impressed by the support staff.

The catering staff and the cleaning staff.

They also were lovely, conscientious and hard working, they were also well trained.

The facilities for an amputee I found to be spot on, disregarding the lack of space to accommodate the commodes {in the plural} which were always parked in the men's loo.

It sounds a bit odd, under the circumstances; but I really enjoyed my stay at Pine Cottage for they prepared me to a standard that when I was released into the wild, I am, in the main, able to look after my self.

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