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"Antenatal service: 2 out of 10"

About: Queen Charlotte's Hospital

What I liked

Antenatal services - midwife I got to see this time was extremely professional, helped with my fear of needles and was in every way brilliant! She is by far ( and i have seen 4 different midwifes in this pregnancy and 4 different in my previous pregnancy) the best and the most professional one. She does not beet around the bush, she is quick and helpful. Great lady - NHS should employ more people like her!

What could be improved

2.5 hours waiting time ( although appointment time was arranged 8 weeks ago)

At the time I arrived there were about 30 pregnant woman waiting to be seen. 95% of us had pre-arranged appointment/booking time. How did we end up waiting for 2 hours is beyond me!

One midwife ( who I have seen previously and has complained to me about the amount of work she has done - bare in mind I was her second appointment that day and it was 9 am!) almost had a melt-down every time she came to call another woman and complained to everyone that she is way too busy, but only managed to see maximum of 6 of women ( in those 2 hours I waited - yes I was so petty I was counting the number of women that were seen) - what was she busy with God knows?!

Also the same midwife was screaming on the top of her voice in the full waiting room at every woman she saw: " Did you bring your urine sample?". I did not want to know how many women brought their urine sample - and neither did the husbands that were there.

Toilets were despicable ( the one in the waiting room as wel las those three of the hall and were not cleaned once in those two hours I was there)

Anything else?

Queen Charlotte is from what I hear the best hospital as far as maternity goes - and i have to say from my previous labour - I can not fault it - they were great. ( yes at the times I hated my midwife during the labour but I managed to deliver big baby with no drugs and in extremely calm environment - which is only thanks to my midwife.

But their antenatal service - as atrocious!

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