"my mum, and a&e doctor ?"

(as a relative),

mum is 85yr old and has c.o.p.d , i took mum to a&e on the doctor started to examine mum, we told them she has very thin skin due to being on steroids, also thin blood due to warfarin, we asked them to be gentle when touching her skin because she is very sensative and just by touching her legs and arms hurts her and leaves her with bruises ? we had to ask the doctor twice ? they wanted to take blood and tied a rubber glove around mums arm which was very tight, nipping mums skin and bruising it, we asked the doctor to use the tourniquet as the glove looked like a cheese wire on mums arm. their reply was they did not have one? i asked them if the trust had supplied one? they said "no", i was told they have to buy their own, the doctor took the glove off mums arm as myself and sister were angry about this, i complained to a senior doctor who agreed this should not have happened to mum because of her very thin skin, we dont live in a third world country and should not expect our doctors to improvise simply because they apparently cant be bothered to buy the correct tools for their work, which i have priced them up on e-bay and for a brand new one they are only £2.99 ? i am sure that would not be to much to pay,

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