"The NHS complaint procedure and the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman"

About: Southampton University Hospitals Trust

(as a relative),

I brought a complaint on behalf of my daughter. A significant part of the complaint concerns two medical reports written by an nhs consultant on nhs logo paper and included in her nhs health records. The Department of Health informs that because the medical reports are written on nhs logo paper, they are the property of the nhs. As such, they should be admissable to the Ombudsman and should be investigated as part of the complaint. One of the medical reports was requested by my daughter's employer. It may be assumed that the consultant received payment for writing the report. If he did, the Ombudsman will not accept it as evidence in the complaint. If this or any nhs doctor received payment for writing a medical report, how can the private medical report be written on nhs logo paper and how can it be included in nhs medical records? Are nhs doctors deliberately writing their private reports on nhs logo paper to (1) ensure the report is assumed to be an nhs report and (2) as a means of avoiding the nhs complaint procedure?

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