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About: Severn Fields Medical Practice

Access to the service is difficult, long wait to answer the phone, ALWAYS delayed appointments (at least 20-30 minutes later than offered appointment), and receptionists, who trying to deside either you need to see the doctor or not!!!

My latest experience with this practise left me speechless...

My 8 years old son suffer an ear infection since November 2017, we have been seen by nurse first couple of times and given antibiotic. After a full treatment infection came back. Again, few visits with doctors this time and few different antibiotics and ear drops. I started to suggest, that he need to see specialist but has been told, that this is common in children and need right antibiotic to sort this infection. Every time I felt like being annoying, panicking parent... Finally after over 6 months of antibiotics and couoke of cases of bleeding from his ear one doctor decided to refer him to EAT clinic... Great, so relieved I waited. 4 weeks later I rang to check on the progress and... no one knew anything about it. After long wait they came back to me saying, that doctor has been on holiday and it will be done now!!! Week later called again and again no information about referal!!! I demanded to speak to Medical Secretary, but she was unavailable.. The next day I received a phone call from Secretary and after appologizing I was promised to received a letter soon. We have been booked for an appointment 2 months later... Over 8 months with ear infection and we have seen specialis thanks to best care and service from this practice... And as per being panicking parent... After 2 consultations with EAT the polyp has been found in my sons ear... Week ago polyp has been removed. Unfortunately, the surgeon found something else there.. My son has been diagnosed with cholesteatoma, serious ear disease, which could be caused by long ear infection.. We are waiting for CT scan and consultation, he will need at least two operation and ear reconstruction as he lost most of his ear drum and one of the inner bone... We are very worried and scared... First thing I will do is changing my GP... Not happy at all

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