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"Audiology are simply brilliant !"

About: Lincoln County Hospital / Ear, Nose and Throat

once again I cannot praise Audiology enough. My 5yr old was complaining of hearing loss in his good ear. Which had been picked up by teachers as reduced attention and clearly a problem. His grommet had fallen out. Contacted the unit and he was seen the next day in a free slot they had.

How amazing is that. Gave us his parents piece of mind and reassurance. They identified he now requires two hearing aids. He’s so excited allowed to pick colour etc. They explained everything to us and him. In such a friendly caring way.

He’s so excited to be getting his other hearing aid and being able to hear again and loves visiting the “ friendly, funny staff who are really kind Mummy!” So much so he’s decided he wants to be a doctor. Only time will tell on that one.

We don’t realise how important hearing is until we loose it and lin little people it’s scary. Without staff like at Lincoln to offer reassurance and medical interventions to improve life quality his little life would be so much harder.

They are all just great and we cannot thank them enough for the excellent way they are caring for our little boy 😁

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