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"My mother's care"

About: West Middlesex University Hospital / Gastroenterology

(as a relative),

My mother was admitted into West Middlesex Hospital at the beginning of 2017. She was admitted to Marble Hill 2 ward. She suffered a blackout at home. Whilst she was in hospital, her physical health became worse, she had pain in her stomach, her legs and feet became severely swollen, her speech became slurred and she caught a blood infection whilst at the hospital. She was vomiting dark red vomit and her stools were dark.

My mother had loss of appetite and was not able to finish meals. She became less mobile whilst in hospital and relied on nurses to help get her in and out of bed. When I asked what was causing the vomiting to the nurses they said they did not know she had been vomiting as it was not written on her notes.


My mother was discharged from hospital. My mother was still vomiting and she still had the blood infection. My family and I do not think my mother was well enough to be discharged.

The hospital rang us in the afternoon informing that my mother was being discharged. We voiced our concerns but the nurse said my mum was still going to be discharged and that the hospital will arrange transportation later that afternoon to drop her home. The nurse informed me that my mother’s medication was not ready yet so it would be dropped off later that same day.

That day, my mother was dropped home at 9.30pm without any medication and without her discharge letter. My family and I think this is unacceptable to send an elderly patient home at that time of night especially without any medication. My mother is type 2 diabetic and relies on daily insulin injections. She is also on several other medications as she has heart failure, kidney problems, and mental health issues. We had no idea if any of the medication had been changed, altered or stopped as we did not have the discharge letter.

The following morning, my mother’s medication had still not arrived. I phoned the hospital ward and they informed me that it will be delivered later that afternoon. After I finished work that day I went round to visit my mother to make sure she had taken her medication. It had still not arrived. I phoned the hospital yet again and they promised me it would be delivered later that evening. It was not delivered that evening or night.


The following day my mother’s medication finally arrived. I feel that this is unacceptable for the hospital to deliver the medication 2 days after a patient is discharged knowing she is diabetic and insulin dependent.

That same day my mother had another blackout, she was fitting and her blood sugar levels were very low. After examination, the A&E doctor informed us that my mother had a stomach ulcer which caused severe internal bleeding. The doctor operated and clipped the ulcer.

My concerns are why this ulcer was not detected before?


The following day my mother sadly passed away in the hospital. The cause of death was stated as Acute Gastrointestinal bleed by Duodenal Ulcer. My family and I are disappointed at the care provided by the nurses and doctors at the hospital.