"Pancreatitis at Stepping Hill Hospital"

About: Stepping Hill Hospital / General surgery

(as the patient),

After gallbladder was removed I was readmitted 5 days later with excruciating pain. I was admitted and told it could have been a stone in my bile duct. All my care at this point was excellent.

Whilst in hospital 2 days after admittance I developed severe pain in my abdomen. It was mid-evening when I let a nurse know about my pain, they told me it was wind, I said no way. The nurse gave me a peppermint drink and told me to sit on the toilet. Again and again I returned to them in pain and was told it was wind and sit on the toilet. I was squirming around on my bed crying and moaning when I pressed my buzzer it was reset and they walked away. Other patients started to go and find nurses to say the pain I was in , I started to vomit and then had blood in my vomit ,I was begging where is the dr to be told time and time again the dr is very busy and is on the way.

At midnight now 4 hours in excruciating pain I said please let me go down to a&e for morphine ( I was desperate ) the nurse laughed and told me not to be silly. 2:45 am a doctor came and was marvelous gave me morphine sent to xray and took bloods.....I had pancreatitis . This was the worst pain I ever felt, and I've had pain with 2 c sections and difficult labour.......i can't believe the amount of pain I was in for almost 7 hours and was actually in a hospital, acute pancreatitis can be life threatening and I also developed jaundice .

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