"2.5 years of unsuccessful treatment, GP still rejects alternative methods. "

About: Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT Wolverhampton City PCT

(as the patient),

For about last 3 years I had problems with my sinuses. Particularly with my nose which is blocked all year round. My eyes are watering too but during summer only. I went to my GP surgery in Wolverhampton to seek some help as Hay fever pills would not help me nor any nasal spray. I was told to keep taking them and to use some steroids based spray for my nose. It did help for a short period of time but I was bleeding excessively despite simple methods of preventing that like using Vaseline to moisten inside of my nose. Besides, it was blocking it so it was a vicious circle.

I went back to GP explaining all that and was given another spray despite me suggesting other ways. This spray did not help at all.

I purchased some other medicines which also failed.

I visited my GP for the 3rd time and again was given spray but this time I also got a referral to a specialist. When I met him I couldn't stress enough how much previous ways are not working and how it's affecting me and my well being. He looked at my nose, said it's highly inflamed and advised me to use sinus rinse... I was waiting for a month to see him and he told me to use something I knew since I was a child. Anyway, I tried it again as I did not work previous time, and it gave me sinus inflammation. My head was exploding and I felt way worse.

I moved to Birmingham recently and completely hopeless visited a GP for 4th time. I said how for last month I was using normal nasal spray from Boots just to be able to breath at night. I explained that my blocked nose does not allow me to taste food, exercise properly, causes me to wake up at night, and in Winter months how I constantly need to fight sore throat because of breathing through my mouth. I also assured my new GP that I used all those sprays regularly and from the beginning to the end. I said that I am deeply depressed that no one is helping me and that I've been reading that this is a condition that can be caused by many factors far from hay fever (GP used to say that there is nothing else they can do). Apparently it's easy to fix and private laryngology clinics do it all the time. GP listened and gave me a nasal spray which I already had before...

I know this is not a life threatening condition but 2.5 years? I think that is ridiculous.

Is there really no help I can get from public health system? Why private clinics can offer what I need and NHS for which I pay can not? I am completely hopeless and lost any faith in NHS doctors.

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