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(as the patient),

I went to have my first appointment at the abortion clinic today. I went with my partner to Forth Park Hospital in Kirkcaldy, Fife (Scotland).

When we arrived, we were a little early, so we had to wait, and then even though we said exactly what we were there for, we were directed to the wrong place. Instead of having a scan, I was at colposcopy, which is for when you've had unusual cervical smear results. No biggie.

We get there, I have my scan, the nurse is pleasant enough, then I have to go and wait before I have an appointment with a consultant. I was expecting her to be friendlier and talk more about the emotional side of things, but it seemed that really didn't matter. We filled in my forms, and then she took me to have a chlamydia test, which I didn't mind doing. She left me in the toilet and went back to the room we were in, only when I got out I couldn't find the room again, and started to get a bit upset. I was wandering up and down the corridors for a good four minutes whilst still holding my test.

This is the part I'm most angry about; I was asked what method of contraception I'd be using from now on. I stated I hoped to go back on the pill. I was then told that I needed to go back to my doctor and be prescribed the pill, even though I was pregnant, and I needed to take the pills with me on the day of the abortion, otherwise they would REFUSE to do the abortion. I find this sickening, and patronising. I feel like a child who cannot be trusted, and just taking some pills with me on the day does not mean anything - I can't be forced to take them. What on earth is going on?

I was talked through the procedure, which would include me staying at the hospital for at least 8 hours on the second day of taking the abortion pill (which is what I wanted). Apparently I might need a transfusion, which is quite common.

This scares me. I don't feel like I was reassured much at all. The nurse mentioned she had other people to see and they carry out around 100 abortions a month. I felt like I was just a number and not a person, not someone to be trusted with their own contraception.

I don't know if this procedure is normal, I was under the impression I could take the pill and go home. Is this what happens across the country? Is it this hard to get an abortion? Are all women made to feel like they're being treated in the '80s, minus the bad hair? Would I be treated better if it wasn't on the NHS?

I'd like answers to my questions. Can anyone help me??


Patient B.

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