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"Lack of care"

I attended the reception pm on Friday 6th July.

I requested an appointment to see a doctor and had been referred by local Pharmacist. I had an infected eye. I was a holiday visitor with and issue.

I was not very respectfully treated by the receptionist, I completed the temporary registration form including my address.

The receptionist asked for my current location. I declined to provide this. On a previous occasion I had done so for a temporary registration only to find 2 months later that my NHS records had been changed to the temporary address by the consulting surgery and an urgently needed cancer treatment could not be done as I was not registered at my home address in the appropriate area..

I have received a considerable amount of treatment as a temporary patient and only on two occasions have my NHS records have been changed to the temporary address.

I do not know the system but it must be that some surgeries are not careful enough in changing the NHS data base. Therefore, I did not give my temporary address.

However, not only was I not seen but I was informed that I would be telephoned that evening by a Doctor.

This did not happen and, furthermore, although I did not provide my temporary address my NHS record has been changed and I an urgent letter for an appointment to a London Hospital has been sent to: Poolesbrook Caravan Site. Poolsbrook. It has only reached me this week.

I would like an explanation as to why I was not telephoned re treatment?

How was my NHS records changed by your surgery to an address I never gave?

Leslie Everest (Mrs)

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