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"day sugery in queens hospital"

About: Queen's Hospital (Romford)

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i recieved two letters from queens ent admissions 1 for pre assessment and 2nd for surgery date . when i went for my pre assessment appointment i explained to the in charge nurse i have to change the surgery date bacause its not convient for me my husband cant pick me up. so she said i will change it to early morning appointment for you on the same day . so i went today at 7.30 am for my surgery thinking i will be out of hospital by 2pm. first i went in and i was called at 7 .45 which was nice i was called in time then i waited 1hr 30 mins the aneastheties dr came and he took some information and he left . after that the ent doctor came and again she took same in formation again. i didnt have no information how long the surgery will take would it be painfull infact i felt that she does not know which part of body needs surgery . when i am going to be seen after hw many patients its my turn. nothing . all she said we have 4 kids in front and they will be first because they were fasting as i did which is fine . but what about me i had no food after 12 and after 5 hrs waiting when i said i want to go home they seemed happy to send me home with out any sorry or explaination all they say its a long waiting it happens like this . when i requested early morning appointment surely they had a list infront of them showing hw many patients in front of me and how long would it take per patienten surgery .and would my request be met , will this patient next of kin can pick her up .

i dont know why they give patient appointment when they cant keep up with the time. it should be a walking centre not a day surgery if i have to wait 5hrs with having a appoinment and fast more then 12 hrs.

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