"A shoulder injury and eventual rehab"

About: Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

(as the patient),

I slipped on wet stairs at my local railway station and my arm got wrenched behind me as I fell. It didn't hurt too much afterwards, although my shoulder was a bit stiff, but a couple of weeks later as I was lifting a messenger bag over my head it really hurt. I started losing mobility in the shoulder and couldn't get comfortable sleeping on it. I went to the GP and they referred me to one of my city's mobile units, where a consultant examined me and said I needed to go for an MRI scan. He used rather technical language, but I understood most of what he was explaining. I had several subsequent appointments at a variety of mobile locations across my city, first for the scan and then for some follow-up sessions with physiotherapists, who gave me exercises to do to regain the proper range of movement as I recovered from what was diagnosed as bursitis and frozen shoulder.

In general it was a fairly positive experience, as I received very nice treatment from all concerned (and the exercises helped me regain mobility). I was especially impressed by the receptionists in the mobile units, who were particularly professional and courteous, quite unlike the grumpy or offhand treatment I'm used to from GPs' surgery receptionists (not always, but often enough). Idealy, I would have attended the same mobile unit each time and see the same medical specialists each time, as it felt like being passed around and you were never really sure what the new person knew about you, and had to what had happened to you again each time. The mobile units also tended to be rather far out of town — gettable-to via public transport, but not ideal if you didn't know the area.

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