"Some wonderful some make you feel awful or useless"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary / Maternity

I was recently pregnant and gave birth at hull. Throughout my pregnancy i saw the maternity physio, I say I saw her but she was away for two of my appointments and I had to chase to even get another one (even though each time she just said there is nothing she can do) and then she said she would check up on me after the birth yet i didn't see her for the nearly week I was there and was told she would call yet 12 weeks on and a lot of pain in still waiting.

Most the midwives were lovely and helpful however i had an emergency c section which wasn't the smoothest and while in hospital a couple of the midwives kept pressing me for someone to come help me even though I had no one and one midwife one night asked me 8 times in one night combined when I wanted to go home and isn't there someone who can come help me to which my response each time was i want to go home when I can get into my car, get up the stairs to the bathroom at home and not need to use the disability equipment to go to the bathroom. Needless to say that night I felt like they wanted out despite me not being ready.

The room i stayed in while being induced was awfully warm and made me feel ill however despite all of this I would still return as the experience was better overall compared to that I had of york

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