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"the lack of help was appalling"

About: Queen's Hospital (Romford)

What I liked

the paramedics were polite, and the doctor i saw initially.

What could be improved

-the nurses were rude

-the toilet was dirty and the bin was jammed shut

Anything else?

i was admitted via ambulance for mental crisis. i was seen by a nurse, who asked no questions to me directly, and then put in a room by myself for 2 hours, where i couldn't help but think it was incredibly lucky i was delusional and not suicidal due to the fact that if i had have been, i'd have had ample time to act on it.

the doctor who finally turned up was surprisingly polite, which is not something i've come to expect from this hospital.

after a brief discussion, i was seated in the general triage area where i waited to be seen by someone from the psychiatric ward. they gave the impression of not listening to me at all, and i was discharged with a leaflet i've seen multiple times in my 5 year battle with depression and the ever useless advice to see my gp.

i am fortunate enough to be generally functional although my condition has gotten worse over the years. i can only think how truly awful it must be for any sufferers of mental disability who are in greater distress and in danger of hurting themselves or others, because to be quite blunt, had i been suicidal, again, something they never asked me, i would have left that hospital and gone home and done it, because i felt so much worse about myself by the time i left.

i am honestly surprised there aren't more negative reviews on this hospital and will be watching to see if this actually makes it through the moderation system or whether my comment will be silenced.

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