"No one listens, no one cares "

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(as the patient),

I have been treated badly by health professionals my whole life. I feel they don't take me seriously, and don't listen, even when I've took an overdose they just discharged me once they'd got the drugs out of my system, I was discharged with no aftercare or psychological treatment. I wanted help and for someone to listen and take me seriously but no one did. I get told I am pretty all the time, perhaps this is why people take one look at me and think I'm fine, yet they don't feel the pain I am in and how much I suffer inside. Strangers (women) and healthcare professionals (again, women) are mean to me, and this is not my paranoia as my close family partner have noticed this also.

Whats worse is that if you complain to the PCT for not getting any treatment (I am disabled due to a neurological condition but I'm not in a wheelchair) the doctors themselves will make excuses saying I am not old or a baby and therefore can come out to the GP surgery. Just because I look the way I do, ie. young, not in a wheelchair and dressed okay, I am ignored and neglected.

I too, like you, am treated badly by nurses etc who think they are better than me and are rude because I am mentally unwell. When I took an overdose at 16 the doctor was even horrible to me, they don't see or hear my pain.

My view is that I've come to realise no one cares. No one listens. The world is selfish and people only care about themselves. I've learnt that the only person you can count on in this world is yourself. I feel like the world would be better off without me, that the world is so uncaring and selfish that no one would care if i died anyway, I'd just be a statistic and another carcass to dispose of, even in death I would be a burden and inconvenience.

The only person I can count on is myself but I feel like I am going crazy and alls I can think about is killing myself, so I cant even count on myself. I have no one, no one listens, my family are controlling and have contributed to me developing anorexia, it's a catch 22 because I feel alone so I need them but when I go to them it makes me feel worse because they try to run my life. Even a psychiatrist has told me to stay away from my parents as they are detrimental to my mental and physical health, therefore I am completely alone. I feel trapped in a life I don't want, if I killed myself of go to hell (not even god would love me) but if I stay I just feel too much misery and pain. And I don't know why sometimes.

I hate how the uncaring nurses and doctors are, every time they're mean it just reaffirms that I should just kill myself because no one likes me or cares about me. If someone is reading this and feels the NHS or just people in general have failed you, you are not alone, I hope you get better and I am sending out my love to anyone that is suffering like I am.

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Response from Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Adriana,

Here at Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, we were really concerned to hear about your experiences. Whilst we can see that your feedback is about other trusts as well, we wanted to respond as one of the trusts involved.

We have a strong commitment to provide a good service to anyone who needs our help and work hard to ensure that essential standards of quality, safety, dignity, respect, compassion, honesty and fairness are met.

The NHS Constitution sets out the rights and responsibilities including standards of care patients using NHS services can expect and gives a commitment to good manners and considerate behaviour from health service staff. We are dedicated to meeting the standards set out in the Constitution by continuing to work in partnership with services users, carers and staff.

As a trust we would always want to talk to people who are unhappy with our services or where there are any problems with our patient’s treatment and care, no matter how complex, so we can work with them to resolve any issues.

Our Customer Care Team provides information, advice and support to patients, their family members and carers. They can help to answer any questions you may have about the care the trust provides and help guide you through services provided by the NHS and other organisations that can support you.

Getting the right help as soon as possible is really important so we would encourage you to contact our Customer Care Team on Tel: 0800 587 4793 or email: customercare@gmw.nhs.uk. Our Customer Care Team would really like to listen to what you have to say and offer you confidential help and assistance.

We hope you get in touch.