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"Would avoid Horsham Hospital at all costs,..."

What I liked

There were no positives in the visit to MIU or fracture clinic at outpatients

What could be improved

It would have been good if the initial diagnosis of my sons broken elbow was correct, The nurse had to get the children's book of bones out before deciding if it was broken then said it was.

We arrived for a 9,55 am appointment at outpatients. We were still waiting at 1025am watching people arrive after us and going in to see the doctor before us. When i complained to the receptionist she said they always run late. I then demanded to see a senior administrator who said they always run late so no alternative but to wait, this morning in addition they were late due to the weather (there was a little light mist!!). If i did not like it complain to East Surrey Hospital.

Strangely enough my son was then called to the doctor, when i told him my dissatisfaction he said you can complain despite him wandering around for at least 5 minutes while i was in the waiting area. He then examined my sons arm - he never washed his hands prior to or after no wonder MRSA spreads. He then said the elbow was not broken. What a waste of time the whole visit was and staff who are arrogant and not interested in patients.

Anything else?

Train staff in the MIU to do the job properly or get a doctor to check, sending a child home with a broken elbow when only bruised is unacceptable,. Teaching outpatients how to run an appointments system in a planned clinic (not an emergency clinic which the doctor said it was) the list is generated a week in advance.

Hygiene, washing hands should be a must before each patient.

A proper complaints procedure rather than a leaflet with a chief executives name scribbled on the top

Staff who actually care rather than wandering around like lost sheep.

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