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"Callous and neglectful."

About: Pinderfields General Hospital

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My mum was admitted to A and E after having a suspected seizure. She has Alzehimers and is unable to be left alone as she is unable to do anything for herself. She was admitted to A and E at 7.24pm and was finally moved to AAU at 3.30am the next morning because we were in a queue! This was incredibly distressing for her. When moved to AAU i yet again explained that she was incontinent and unable to feed herself etc. I was told that this was not a problem. I arrived the next day to find my mum had been left alone with a bowl of rice pudding which due to the Alzehimers she had put in her hair, all over her face, herself and all over the bed. I spoke to a nurse and said that she shouldn't have been left with it and could she be cleaned up. The attitude I recieved was shocking. I was made to feel an inconvience and was told that there was a lot of people of the ward. I went back to mum and waited. After 10mins I lost my temper and went to find a gown and other items to clean her up myself, I myself was in tears at this point and spoke to another nurse to tell her what I was doing, the first nurse then appeared and said that she hadn't forgotton but did I relise there were other people on the ward! They eventually cleaned my mum up, when they took off her gown I noticed she had no underwear on. They had just sat her on a incontinent mat, purley because it would have been too much hassle for them. The callous disregard they showed my mum will stay with me forever. It was totally degrading for her and extremley distressing for me, she is still my mum not just a body on a bed. When she was due to leave to return to her care home she had no clothes at the hospital, as they arranged transport we had no idea when she was going. They could have rang and asked for suitable clothes to be brough up, instead they sent her home in the evening wrapped in sheets!

This whole situation is pure neglect and I am seriously considering taking this further.

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