"I hope never again! Very disappointed"

About: Hull Royal Infirmary / Maternity

Midwife was brilliant, the rest of the staff could take a leaf out of her book! After spending 16 hours in the recovery area waiting for a bed following my Caesarean section once on Rowan ward it took 3 hours for a midwife to come and simply say hello, within these first 3 hours I had to buzz 4 times for someone to eventually bring me some pain relief. My husband popped out for 10 minutes, in this time the baby was crying so I buzzed and asked the midwife to please pass me my baby.. she looked disgusted and asked if I had a section, to which I replied yes and that the pain relief I took 15 minutes ago hadn't kicked in yet. Surely as a midwife they expect this to be part of the care they provide to mothers who have had a section??

Some breastfeeding advice given which was appreciated. Nil advice given on any specific post op instructions, adviced to take dressing off after 7 days that's all.

No advice given on the after care if any on the fact that my daughter was a Breech delivery. (She is still holding her legs in that position)

In fact according to the midwife doing the newborn check prior to discharge it wasn't documented in the notes that it was a Breech delivery, and it was only for the fact of how her legs presented that she put the question to my husband.

I work for the NHS and understand staff and bed crisis but that is not an excuse for poor care, lack of empathy and nil reassurance to a mother who has just had a c-section and may need some extra support.

These were just a couple of issues that stood out in my just over 24 hrs stay on this ward, I pushed to go home due to the lack of support and the way I was made to feel when asking for any kind of help. I feel very disappointed.

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