"I can't start my new career because of a misleading letter from a Psychologist"

About: Bromley PCT

(as the patient),

I gave birth last February 2011. As we all know, when you are pregnant you go through up's & down's caused by your hormones.

I was offered some support from the psychologists' team within the perinatal dept. of the hospital I was going to.

They referred me to another Hospital once I gave birth to check how I was feeling. (I never took any drugs like anti depressants, etc.)

I went to see this new psychologist and said I did not need therapy myself; She offered me to see the Family Therapy team with my partner if I wanted.

The situation got back to normal and we were happy the way things were, not needing professional help.

I thought that was the end of seeing any doctors as everything was back to normal.

Last month, I went to a GP for first time - after moving to a new location - to get a fit-to-work letter I need for my new career. He said he received, in April, a letter from that last psychologist - which I was not aware of - and that I should consider to do another job. I asked the reason why it said that and I requested a copy of that letter.

It was a very misleading letter mentioning I did not want to see any doctors, that I was 'slipping through the net', having problems with my baby, concerning about my baby's health, etc.

Giving some details that are not true - and I do know because I keep all the notes written by the Midwives and Health Visitors and there is no mention of anything that was written on that letter.

If they were so concerned, why didn't anybody contact me? via mobile, email, through the new GP or Health Visitor, etc.

I asked the GP to get a referral letter to see the psychologist that had written that letter, to get a more recent one and to mend the previous one. He refused and I had to ring myself. Actually, twice, leaving the message to the Psychologist's secretary. That was two weeks ago, when I was told I would get a call back in that same week. Haven't heard from them yet.

This GP said to me: 'If I show this letter you wouldn't be able to do your job and I would advise you to study something else and work doing something different', etc.

I could not believe he was using that 'private and confidential' and misleading information against me. I left his office in tears saying that was very unfair and untrue. He did not seem to mind at all.

I think if he was a good professional perhaps he could have rang this psychologist or get some more info for me to contrast the letter.

He kept saying he would send that letter off to my new employer with his notes and let them decide.

I could not believe what I was hearing, I felt so vulnerable and discriminated.

I had to register with a new GP and I will have to explain the whole situation and perhaps go to see another psychologist to be able to get an up-to-date letter.

I feel very frustrated and all this is delaying my future career.

I am considering to make a complaint.

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