"Lack of effective GP complaint process"

About: Solihull Care Trust / Adult mental health

(as a carer),

I have got nowhere with my GP complaints in Solihull. Anybody reading previous posts from my experience with NHS and GP complaint procedures and processes, might also recognise the scenario:

You are not happy with your GP's actions.

You make a complaint to them as per "NHS Complaints Procedure"

The GP or GP Practice responds with a inadequate reply which doesn't indicate any sort of empathy or understanding of the problem.

They continue to lie, or state half-truths with intent to deceive.

The Practice can't give you any proof that they have properly investigated the problem, and don't have any procedure for investigating anyway.

They will not ask you if you have further questions and concerns, or whether you were satisfied with the response.

The very fact that they have not asked for your input will indicate to you that there has not been a full investigation.

You are told "Well, that's our response".

You then go to the Health Service Ombudsman who declines to investigate, because the Practice "followed the procedure for complaints", or the Ombudsman tells you "even if what you claim to have happened took place, it wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome" and "it's not worth establishing any more facts with an investigation". (Or maybe the Ombudsman has actually fulfilled their quota for investigations.)

You might as well not have bothered yourself with all the trouble because I think the Ombudsman is biassed to accept the "Professionals'" view first, and the Ombudsman's "professional advisers" are not even up to date with current practices.

All this I have seen, and there is no other path for the average person to go any further. You can write to the General Medical Council (the GPs governing body), because when a GP has lied they need to be checked, and made aware of the need to change their behaviour - or leave the profession.

I have now had it confirmed to me by a "clear talking" GP, that there is no actual GP investigation procedure, and being self employed GPs can please themselves how they respond to 'customers'" complaints.

Also, PALS and the local PCT have no interest in GP's performance or outcome of complaints, and will not help you. And even with all the NICE guidelines that exist, GPs do not have to follow them. If they give deceitful and misleading accounts then that will be transparent to the Ombudsman.

There is no NHS GP complaint process so don't just trust to complaining - the system is broken and is not weighted in the patient's favour for getting satisfactory resolution.

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