"Best experience for a first time mum!!"

About: John Radcliffe Hospital / Maternity

What can I say - the service and care provided by all those at the JR (and the spires unit in particular), was amazing!

As a first time mum, I had no clue really what I was doing, and from the moment that I first rung the hospital with contractions, to the minute I left, I couldn’t have been looked after any better!

It was just us up in the spires unit as I think everyone else was in the main delivery ward that night! Our midwife made us feel very comfortable, and let us have as much space as we wanted, but coming in to check regularly and we felt like we could ask her to back off, or be involved a bit more, should we need to! The pool was filled, and the options to be on the sofa, bed, bean bag or balls were all offered too.

We weren’t left in the dark in terms of what was going on, so from what was happening currently in terms of dilation, to what should/could happen next, the midwife explained everything, and didn’t mind explaining bits more if we wanted to know.

Not only was I looked after, but my partner was too - so I couldn’t thank them more!

I left the hospital the same day as having my baby, yet I felt that if I wanted to stay longer, I could’ve! The student midwife that we had was also amazing, even with our babies heartbeat being difficult to find as he was such a fidget, she reassured us the whole time! I had no tears, or cuts, and did the whole labour with had and air! My first labour was better than I could ever have imagined, and this is down to the amazing ladies on the spires unit that night!!

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