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"Not an experience to relive .......pontefract..."

About: Pinderfields General Hospital

What I liked

The majority of the ward staff on neurology were really friendly and wanted to do everything they could do to make your stay as compftable. Aswell as the ward staff the visitors, cleaners, and tea ladies were really caring and friendly.

The nurses were more informative and told you more and knew more than the doctors did and were more like doctors.

Canteen food was amazing and was so lovely i could eat there everyday if i need to.

The use of internet

nurses told u more than doctors

What could be improved

.The rooms were cleaned propely at all and dust and dirt was clearly visible from distances. This was clearly seen by the eneviromental health officers, that came on two seprate days and they were shocked and surprised to see that the dirt and teh room had not been cleaned the next day. They were disgusted at the state of the room

The manager of the was ( ward sister) was quite rude and bluntly slagged me off to another nurse in front of me saying "Thankfully hes of home today .. his voice is irritaing me"

Also one nurse and oen nurse only refused to treat in the middle of the night whilst i was suffering in pain. Her reaason for not treating me was that " shes too busy" when in actual fact she was sorting her handbag out and was doing her make up. There was only one nurse that i was un happy with and that was unprofisessional and that was her. Also i was pinderfields hospital for 4 weeks. I was pushed and poked from ward to ward. I was put itn wards that were not appropiate for me and were not very cpmfotable for me. Im a 16yr old lad and yet when i was pushed to go to the "Neurology/stroke unity" i was forced to have a bed in a room full of old men who were half naked and the state of them made me quite upset. But thankfully later on in the night i was shifted to a private room, where i was given privacy and it made me ease my conditon. But in them 4 weeks i was pushed from;-

Pontefract A and E - Childrens ward ( 1 week) -- Home ( 2 days) --Pinderfields A and E ----- Intensive Care ( 4 days) - Childrens ward ( 1week) --Peadatrics (3 days) - adult ward ----- stroke unit ( 2 weeks). Ontop of that i was discharged for a a day and then rushed back intohospital in a critical condition because i wasnt given the correct treatement, on my last visit to hospital. where i spent a week in hospital.

Anything else?

- TV in day room didnt work at all ( only one channel .... russia today)

- slow waitng time of results

- Been told to pack ur bags, your getting discharged .... then when ur walking out been shouted at saying ... " sorry your off home in 2 days time instead.... you havent had enough drugs as the doctors read ur notes wrong"

- Lack of wheel chairs on kids ward ... so when u need to leave the ward for air ... u have to rely on somebody to pick you up

- after spending 4 weeks in hospital and then been discharged annd been told by doctors " sorry we dont have an answer to wyhy you were critically ill "

- The amount of time you have to wait when you push the buzzer in an emergancy

- not much contact through doctor and patient .. in the 4 weeks, i was shifted from doctor ro doctor and dint know who my doctor or consultant was

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Response from Pinderfields General Hospital

Thank you for this feedback. We would be pleased to investigate the isues of concern in detail if you would like to contact us directly. The email address is

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