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About: Royal Stoke University Hospital

What I liked

Staff spoke nicely to my elderly Mother in face to face contact

What could be improved

We waited for over 4 hours for an ambulance to take us home. My mother is 86 and very very frail, we were just put into a waiting area (she was in a very uncomfortable and very strange wheelchair) I think at least a pillow and a couple of blankets could have been offered to her. We waited for an ambulance from approx 6.45pm, it eventually came around 10.55pm. The ambulance man said our ambulance was requested at 8.40pm - so we were waiting for 2 hours before it was even booked. My Mother got very tearful several times as she was so uncomfortable and in pain. More care must be given to elderly patients when they are waiting around. My Mother was very shattered by the time we got home. The ambulance came to collect her at 3pm to take her to the hospital and she was finally home at 11.35pm. The day was a terrible ordeal for her. I understand that waits are unavoidable, but ambulances should surely be booked asap for elderly patients who are in pain - why did it take 2 hours to even have the ambulance booked?

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