"Surgery team were great after care was not"

About: Countess Of Chester Hospital / Maternity care

I had a c-section here in April 2017 and the surgery team were amazing. I cannot fault them one bit at all. They made every effort to make me feel at ease and the operation went well. The problems I had afterwards was all due to the aftercare and I feel they had me up and out of bed way too soon which left me in immense pain. I have a really high pain threshold aswell and have never even really needed painkillers after a c-section. They had me off the tubes and showered 4 hours after my section. The next day I was in so much pain I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. The ward was so boiling hot and I didn’t get enough to drink as it took me ages to be able to move to hold my baby, let alone walk to fill my water jug up. In the end I just wanted to go home and asked to be discharged. I just felt there was a real lack of care. When I got home I bled heavily, scarily heavily for days and was very close to returning to A&E but luckily it eventually went off. I’ve had bad experiences with this hospital in the past such as being left to miscarry on the corridor so I just wouldn’t recommend. It’s a shame for all those staff who do care and do make an effort. They also told me that my baby was going to be huge due to gestational diabetes and she was born 7lb2 and they put the wrong sex on her wristband so I began to get appointment letters for Master instead of Miss.

Story from nhs.uk