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"my overall experiance is i feed up with pain and..."

About: Medway Maritime Hospital

What I liked

so far nothing about medway hospital musters up the term "like"

i had what was termed a straight forward hernia opp in january i woke from the opp in imensence pain. yet was ignored and sen home ..

3 weeks later was back as was still painful there remedy was inject the scar to make it go numb.

week after that i was up sau as pain was unbelivable told was infection and told to come back for scan after weekend.

scan should blood supply to my tsticles was restricted yet they still said was a infection.

back 2 days later as could not even walk they did infestigation and still claimed infection.and to go back in 2 weeks.

2 weeks later they still stuck to infection claim even though had second opinuion

at other hospital and told them it was not infection to be told by medway to go back to doctor to be rereferred.

i kicked up next day and finnaly got to see the original surgeon who remebered me from opp because of the pain. he did another opp resulting in a lost testicle due to lack of blood supply for 3 months.

the up shot of all this is i have lost a ball got nerve damage walk with a stick and in pain everyday i rely on strong pain killers to get by and addicted to them. and stilll trying to get the nerve damage sorted its ow october .

so 10 months loads of pain a fear of surgery drug addiction and cant walk or drive a manual car anymore plus cant spend time with my children in parks etc cause pain to much or go back to work..

What could be improved

get trained doctors that listen to patents and dont get the hump when some times we do know more than them.. we all know our own bodies and know when there something wrong...

we all know mistakes are made try admitting it and putting it right dont bury head in sand and hope we go away

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