"Antenatal Department for Routine 12 week scan"

About: Royal Derby Hospital / Maternity care

(as the patient),

I attended Antenatal ultrasound recently for my 12 week scan. All was fine with the baby but the sonographer found that I had a likely dermoid cyst on my ovary. Therefore I was placed under Consultant Led Care and asked to wait, which we did. I was then seen by a midwife who advised that she had spoken to the Doctor prior to me visiting the consultation room and they had advised to return in 3 weeks so that the likely dermoid cyst could be monitored for growth, but it is likely to never need any intervention and usually people live with these and never experience any issues. The issue is that I am due to fly on a family holiday in just over two weeks, so I told the midwife I couldn't make this next appointment offered, and could I be seen on my return, as apparently a scan in two weeks is not the same as monitoring at 3 weeks. She then left the room to relay this to the doctor and she then returned. She said the doctor advised that I should not travel on a long-haul flight as the cyst is at risk of torsion, however I was told to relay this information to my travel insurer to ensure I would be covered whilst away. I feel this was a flippant comment made by the doctor, whom I have not actually met or had any consultation with. Had their thoughts regarding whether or not we should proceed with our holiday been passed onto us for our consideration, we would have been covered by our travel insurance provider in the event of any issue occurring with the cyst. However as it was passed to us that the doctor indirectly strongly advised that we do not fly, it has now resulted in our travel insurance being void.

It is important to highlight that there was actually no issue with the pregnancy, this was all to do with the cyst. Hence my last and fast approaching family holiday is now having to be cancelled due now having no choice due to this advice given indirectly through a wall via a midwife and relayed to me and my husband. They did not ask me anything about my history or family history of this, my travelling history (I last travelled long-haul in March with no issues, I believe it very likely that this cyst was present then). My general health was not considered, nor asked about. Furthermore, with no potential treatment, just "monitoring" of the cyst in the future, means that any chance of me travelling anywhere out of this country at any point in the future is very unlikely without a Consultant writing me a letter to say I am fit to travel. This is going to affect me even when I have had the baby, as the cyst will clearly remain, being "monitored".

I feel very let down and my whole experience of becoming a new mum is sadly now tainted with this. I think that the comment was generic, carefree and offhand but it has affected me and my family more than the doctor knows. I would have appreciated being viewed holistically and viewing the bigger picture. I am a medical professional myself and I would have appreciated a realistic conversation like I do with my patients about the practicalities of travelling and my health in general, but also trying to have some quality of life too. You can put forward your opinion without forcing it onto someone or limiting their life by your actions. I have capacity to make my own decisions but again now sadly I feel I have been backed into a corner and have been left with no other option as my insurer has now decided for me. I am not looking forward to returning to this department for my further scans and definitely not looking forward to being under this doctor's care throughout my pregnancy, I am incredibly disappointed.