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"awful and traumatising."

About: Royal Stoke University Hospital

What I liked


What could be improved

Staff communication, bedside manner, general politeness and organisation.

Anything else?

Was ignored through labour, midwife refused to let me see doctor and refused pain relief for 12h saying I was overreacting, but when the doctor came I was immediatly rushed for emergency cesarean as my instinct was correct and my baby was stuck the wrong way. During surgery I had a bad heammorage, and was told i needed extra care because of this. I received no extra care. I wasn't allowed to see my daughter for nearly an hour post-op. Also my epidural didn't wear off for 12h, so I needed help getting my daughter when she woke up crying. The midwife,told me, after only buzzing twice, "ill disconnect your buzzer if you buzz one more time". I injured myself trying to get up unassisted after this as i was scared to ask for help. I was also left without pain medication. One midwife swaddled my daughter, without my permission, in four blankets. Causing her to overheat. I was also left without food for 3 days, my parents and boyfriend had to bring me some. the midwife checking my post-partum bleeding didn't give me any privacy, without drawing the curtains drew my blankets back and exposed me to the whole ward. Overall, it was a horrific experience and I can't even drive down the road the hospital is on without feeling sick. If i ever become pregnant again, I will either move to a different area for a better hospital, or go private.

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