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"I was a case, treated well but left feeling..."

About: Ipswich Hospital

What I liked

The staff were cheerful and friendly. The environment was very clean.

What could be improved

I was asked 5 times by different people about which medication I was on and what I was allergic to. I didn't mind answering the questions, but this seems rather a waste of time from staff point of view.

When I told staff (2 or 3 times I think) that I was feeling sick I was told I would receive some anti-sickness meds several times. Over about 2 hours all I got was a bowl to be sick into, then after a final plea received the meds which worked quickly. Wish I had had them earlier.

Told a nurse that I was feeling v low and would like to have seen my partner but was it too late for a visit - she said she would ask but never came back. I didn't see my partner that night and had to stay in due to feeling sick.

Would have liked a few sanitary towels left by the bed. had one when I came round but had to ask for more.

I had no feedback about the hysteroscopy and had to ask what the outcome was. A nurse asked another nurse who came to tell me the outcome. She said she had "done the doctor's job". I didn't see a doctor after the op at all.

When ready to go home I was told by one person that a doctor would discharge me, then by another person that I wouldn't be seeing anyone, which was the case.

Anything else?

There was a lack of communication between staff. Saw many different nurses or healthcare assistants and felt that although I was treated with respect, I was a case rather than a person.

My medical needs were seen to reasonably adequately but I didn't really feel cared for, which is surely part of the healing process.I do realise mine was a minor op, but I still felt low and vulnerable and would have liked just one or two nurses to have been on my case, rather than lots of people popping in and not really communicating with each other all the time.

I have no criticism of the staff, but the system seems a bit disorganised and duplicated at various levels. I have great faith in the nhs and hate to be critical of it, but I did feel it wasn't as efficient as it might have been.

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