"Training staff about patients with learning disabilities"

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(as a volunteer/advocate),

I've been on TV, I've been on the radio, I've been on Central News around learning disabilities.

I work with the acute liaison team for Nottinghamshire Healthcare based at City & QMC.

I train medical staff about patients with learning disabilities, about the anxiety they might have and how the medical staff can help make people feel netter.

We devised the traffic light system

Red is important information, contact details, next of kin, allergies

Amber is all about how to support me while in hospital, like toiletting, personal hygiene, and medicines

Green is likes and dislikes, for example someone might be nervous of needles or a mask or like their food moist. It also means that the doctors and nurses can talk to people about what they like while they're having treatment which helps keep the patients calm.

It's really important to me because I've had a bad experience in the past (with doctors touching my eyes without asking for my permission, and a locum doctor who showed that he had no faith in me recovering from cancer because I had a disability) and I believe people with learning disabilities should have equal rights to good healthcare. We're not asking for more, just equal.

I love my work, I've always wanted to work in health and now I'm doing it. In the future I'm hoping to go into wards with iPads to ask people with learning disabilities how their treatment and care is going, and if they have what they need.

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Response from Involvement Team , Involvement & Experience, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dear Mickeyfilmstar

Thank you for sharing your story on Patient Opinion and well done for all you are doing to help people with learning disabilities!

I have passed on your story to the department of Learning Disabilities who I am sure will want to reply to your posting.

What you are doing is so worthwhile and really beneficial to everyone accessing City & QMC Hospitals.

Good luck in the future

Response from Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dear Mickey Filmstar,

Thank you for sharing your story on Patient Opinion- your work with people with learning disabilities at the City and QMC hospitals is invaluable. The Learning Disabilities Service strongly believes that by sharing experiences/stories such as yours is crucial in deciding how we shape and review our services. The service has strong links with the Trust’s involvement department and positively values the knowledge, skills and experiences of our service users, carers and the public. An example of this is the use of “Listening to You” posters as we believe this allows people to comment on our services and by listening together we can make a difference.

Kind regards,

Michelle Handsaker

Integrated Service Manager

Specialist Services Directorate, Learning Disabilities