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"Single word - ridiculous"

What I liked

My daughter was seen quickly, x-rayed and dealt with within 90 minutes on a weekday afternoon. Staff was friendly, sent us off with assurances that someone would phone us with x-ray results and a decision whether her injured foot was fractured.

What could be improved

In the follow up, it took a WEEK for someone to read my daughter's x-ray and then make an appointment to get it into plaster, which will be in another 4 days, I do not understand at all why there is such a delay in care for a fracture. We weren't expecting a massive delay, we were sent off with instruction to put ice on it and a leaflet about walking with crutches. Knowing what to expect and any limitations allowed or not in the meantime would have been useful. She's been missing school, no protection for her foot in the form of a wrap or otherwise given, and have now been told she can go off back to school where she will be bumping into other students etc with her unprotected fracture until her plaster appointment.

Anything else?

I will never go back to Chippenham Hospital unless I absolutely have to for reasons beyond my control. Last winter I had another generally rubbish experience when I likely had broken ribs, however I was treated like I had put them out by coming in because I was in agony. They were bordering on rude, chuckled smarmily at my response to their question of who my usual GP was and sent me packing with a leaflet on rib injuries.

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