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"not good"

About: Royal Preston Hospital

What I liked

not a lot, i was taken on in this clinic about 16 months ago , i had pain patches which made me sick n ill then was changed to spinal injections by 1 doctor male , and i felt alot better then i was given them again 12 months later by a diff doctor, whom joked about i can go lie on the beach after this lot of injections ? he laffed n joked about over me while i was awaiting injections , i didt feel much like laffin as i use a wheel chair and was in quite some pain on this day , he hurt me alot before the injections i endured an examination which was really really painful to then get 6 injections which also hurt like hell, i went home and this time i was actually worse for pain level they done nothing at all ? i remain on the patches also, a new app was made for me for 6 wks later , i go back to be asked a lot of new questions on my condition , to then be told there out of options for me ? and made me feel very awkward as though i have to except this ? i mean do they only do 1 batch of spinal injection drugs or what ? i wouldt think so .. ive since been past back over by the looks of it to my local G/P,S again which is where i started ? ... when i joined this pain clinic team i thought id be under it for quite some time not just around 17 months tops ? to be bonked back over to my local docs, and kinda left to get on with it, i feel let down badly as last yr i was told im not an option a sof yet for back surgery ? i suffer T/N attacks also my health is not good at all i endure alot of dailey pain.. i just feel let down badly..

What could be improved

the secretary there made me app on days that didt fit with the date shed picked ? or my files wasent there on time for my app ? i felt i wasent listened to as much as i should have been , his app room n hall waiting area is way to tiny 4 my wheel chair stuffy and cramped in there as well as his office area, id have to ring up and double check my app and ask why this date didt fit with such n such a time on the letters that was sent to me ? during my app the nurses would butt in and take over the doctor ? id begin to think i was seeing the nurse not the doctor in question,

Anything else?

im under alot of docts at the mo and ive seen even more in app / clinics over this past 2 yrs and im so glad i wasent paying for this service as id have wanted a refund asap ... the system is a shambles

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