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"Staying here was so nice and the staff were so..."

About: Broomfield Hospital

What I liked

When i came to Broomfield hospital 24th March 2011 as a child's burn patient, I was panicking and hyperventilating because my skin was falling off, after a 2 day analysis I was diagnosed with a major superficial burn to 20% of my body. I remember when they when i arrived they had to put a catheter in me,and i was loopy by the gas and air in the ambulance there I come from Harlow)

She said "We have to pull your trousers down now" and I quote I smoothly replied "we all knew it was gonna lead to this" The hospital was exceptionally good! Also in my week stay there, there was a virus break out, i can't remember what it was now though. The only thing i could negatively say was after my first surgery,they cut half my hair off to see where the burn stopped,so i was left there with half a head of hair :p I can remember a couple of nurses who took great care of me, and my physio consultant was the best! She had such a good sense of humor but she was also very strict in a good way, and she wouldn't force me and the doctors sat down and told me whats happened. It's a great such a great hospital I obviously wouldn't recommend it though,it's not a hotel.. but if your burnt request Broomfield, I am making a very good recovery now,my stomach and chest are the only things that'll scar now and my knuckles, it was a life changing experience and would not have gotten through it if the doctors weren't so kind and my very dear friend wasn't texting me nor would I have even survived if it weren't for my family.I hope the NHS gets funded more then they are now, they save so many lives.

Thank you for reading my essay! =D

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