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"Very poor care"

About: Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

What could be improved

Unfortunately I was in the Day Unit for a procedure.

Next to me was a Dutch woman who was appalled at the way here 'lines' to connect to infusions were left dangling, able to gather dust, etc. She asked the nurse to do something several times, and eventually by force of will got her ot tape over open ends.

On other side was an old and confused lady. She kept on asking for water - nurse ignored her. Eventually, with difficulty, I got up and gave her some. Had to keep on repeating this (I did ask nurse if she had been told nil by mouth - nurse looked blank).

'My' nurse had a friend in chair opposite, and she spent most of her time chatting to her.

I fell down, hit my head on trolley and floor. Eventually got dry mouth and headache, so asked when doctor was coming. "Oh - do you need one?" I was asked.

Eventually, when the infusion was finished, I asked 'my' nurse could I see someone to ask what I should do when I got home. "You've had quite enough attention today"! she snapped back.

Anything else?

Didn't see anyone in charge.

Did ask nurse why no-one had read my notes to see what I should have been given - "we don't have time to read notes" she replied.

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