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"mixed feelings"

About: Royal United Hospital

What I liked

As I lived 45 minutes away outside of Bath when I was in labour they let me stay in a room to relax and try and sleep while on pain killers.

The majority of staff seemed very friendly.

What could be improved

The visiting hours for family was a pain as my family is located 45 minutes outside of Bath, so they couldnt always be there on the right times provided.

I gave birth at 00:42 on sunday 31st Jan and my husband got sent home not long after.

A midwife ran a bath, the next thing the midwife went out of the room and didn't come back in for over an hour! I took a bath on my own and struggled! I then was left in the labour room until 05:40am! Thats when I was finally moved to the ward.

I was bleeding a lot and the midwife acted angry when I called the alarm and they had to come and change the sheets, the midwife told me next time to run to the toilet!

I felt like I had a different midwife every hour of the time I was there.

It took them over 2 hours to finally get me discharged with the paperwork.

Anything else?

Another thing I recall was when my baby's head was nearly out and my contraction had stopped all the midwives left the room to deal with an 'emergency.'

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