"BPD. Patient Centered Care is vital. "

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(as the patient),

For some years I have lived with the label 'BPD', which covers a broad spectrum of symptoms and carries much stigma. I have been lucky to work for some time with a team of professionals, a wonderful psychiatrist, a Community psychiatric nurse, a chaplain and a network of community support that I can tap into. I have harmed myself in the past, which I feel provided a 'visible symptom' when words fail to describe intense painful emotions but with help from the chaplain, I have moved forward and avoid harming myself by accessing this understanding support network which I describe as my emotional 'walking stick'. I produced an advanced statement which tells what or who is helpful or unhelpful. This has been acknowledged by my Mental Health Trust and placed onto the digital record system.

However, my consultant psychiatrist of many years has recently retired and the chaplain/therapist who has been helpful for many years is retiring next month. I accept that people moving on is a fact of life, but this does not alter how afraid I feel. I feel my new consultant does not understand me and shows no compassion, in spite of having read my care plan and directive. He uses the recovery model and talks about discharge from the services that have provided me with my vital ‘walking stick’! In my opinion, he fails to recognize my achievements to date and the tremendous effort I have made towards my own recovery. I am nearly 60 years old and want to continue to receive the service that allows me to maximize the quality of my life in the here and now.

I feel strongly that to continue with the new consultant, who I feel is unlikely to change his philosophy, would be detrimental to my wellbeing. I would like to request a change of consultant. I am not sure of my rights regarding change of psychiatrist and suspect I have few options. One thing is certain, I do not want to see that doctor again.

I would welcome any comments or suggestions.

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