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"I would not feel comfortable leaving a vulnerable..."

About: Bradford Royal Infirmary

What I liked


What could be improved

The quality of care and consideration for the patients on ward 4 was not as it should be.

Anything else?

My mother who is diabetic and also has parkinsons disease attended A&E at 10.30am in the morning on the advice from her GP. She had an abscess on her leg that was not healing. After waiting over 2 hours to be seen she was told that she had suspected cellulitis and would be admitted for a few days to be given intravenous antibiotics. She was taken to ward 4 at approx 2pm. I got her settled and I went to get her some things for her stay (waste of time). About 5pm a doctor came to see her and said there would be no need for her to stay in, they would lance the abscess and give her antibiotics to take home. At 8.20pm another doctor came and lanced it. It took approximately 5 minutes to do! We waited another 2 hours to receive the antibiotics, although the nurse told the doctor the medicine was on the ward. My poor mother, distressed and shattered was discharged at 10.20pm! 12 hours after arrival! During our long wait I observed the doctors and nurses. Fair enough, they work long hours but there seemed to be as many staff as there were patients and In all honestly, they were not exactly run off there feet. I could not see any reason for my mum to have to wait all that time for 1. the abscess to be lanced, which took 5 minutes? and 2. the tablets to be given when they were on the ward? About 4pm a lady was brought to the ward. She told us she was brought in at 11pm the previous night with suspected heart attack. She was still waiting to be transferred to another ward when we left. Another elderly lady on the ward had been asleep for the whole time we were there. She had an oxygen mask on and about 9pm she began asking for a drink of water. None of the nurses heard her so I went to the desk where about 6 staff were and told them the lady was asking for a drink. 20 minutes later I told them again. Another 20 minutes later they finally gave the poor lady some water!

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